Remove the Loop Icon for VOX

VOX is the best music players on OSX I’ve ever used.

The Loop becomes one of it’s features to store unlimited music on it’s platform. It’s a good feature, and the only way for the developer to get some pay back for the wonderful applet.

I just don’t need it, and try to save some space for my menu bar.

On the VOX’s preference page, uncheck “Keep Loop Agent Running when” just doesn’t make any sense. Neither for “launchctl remove com.coppertino.VOXCloud” as the developer mentioned.

My way to close that:

Finder – Application – VOX – right click – Show package contents – Contents – Library – LoginItems

You can find the here, but things like deleting/renaming/[removing permission] will all prevent VOX from launching. – Show package contents – Contents – Resources – Base.lproj

Then rename “MainMenu.nib” to something else for example: “MainMenu.nib.bye”

Quit Loop and restart VOX, Done.